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What is this place? Welcome to, I am a private collector of DEA/Drug patches. I started collecting patches in 2014. I collect any patch that had DEA involvement, Drug Task Force, HIDTA, OCDETF, RAID/ERAD/CAMP, OpBAT and Op Falcon patches. I keep the images small and alter others to thwart reproductions. Except for my wanted list I only show images of patches that are currently in my collection. This site hosts the largest image gallery (1800+) of DEA/Drug patches on the internet.

1,607 DEA/Drug Patches as of 03/03/2018

Selling patches on eBay currently? NO
My eBay user name is cydo47 and my profile page can be seen here:

Patch collectors might be interested in the Patch Sticker Gallery. I have cataloged the many different types and versions of patch stickers I have come across. I did this to help people see what patch makers are out there and what the stickers look like.

What patches I am looking for and what patches I have available for trade/sale. If interested in a trade/purchase email me at
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